Alumni Electronic Magazine

  1. Create and implement a good administrative system for all organizational assets and liabilities, including tax liabilities.
  2. Create and manage the organization’s financial system properly and accurately
  3. Designing, designing organizational operational funding sources (program forms, resources, etc.)
  4. Supervise the organization’s finances (PP and its subordinate institutions)
  5. Make annual and period-end Kafegama MM organizational financial reports

2022 Work Program

  • Coordinating Fundraising KAFEGAMA MM (join program dan bid iain: Golf, etc)

  • Facilitate & allocate funds for sector activities that have been scheduled and agreed

  • Capital market webinars and alumni knowledge development in the financial sector

Up Coming Program

  • Phase II Alumni Survey and Profiling (Digitalized alumni data base)

  • Alumni Gathering/ Reunion – (Hybrid)

  • Various talkShows for Alumni UMKM Business Promotions, Friends’ business festivals

  • Alumni Awarding Program


1Rahar dyo Anggoro W
2Anwar Mattawape
4Irwan Bachtiar
5Rani Triyan a
6Wahyudi Darmawan
7Benny Manahan Silalahi